Computer Help Plantation Florida Computer Repair

Computer Help Plantation Florida

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Networking Services

Wireless Networking

Eliminate Building Retrofitting
Increase Mobility
Decrease Installation Costs

Local Area Network (LAN )

Shared Internet Access
Document Sharing
Project Collaboration

Services Provided Include:

100% Certified Technicians
Customized Network Design and Architecture
Relocation and Expansion Project Planning
In-House/Onsite Microsoft NT/2000 Repair/Maintenance
In-House/Onsite Novell Netware Repair/Maintenance
Physical Cabling - Fiber, Cat5, and more ·
Research on Specific Industry Solutions ·
Shared Internet Connectivity - DSL, Cable Modem, T1, and more.
Planned Server Rollouts
Firewall and Proxy Server Configurations
Network Printer and Scanner Integration
Network Faxing Implementation
Network File Storage
Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance (see IT Outsourcing)
And much more….

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